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We build our insulated truck bodies with the highest level of tidiness and build quality, creating positive or negative pressure environments to eliminate dust and impure particles from the air.

  • 40 years of experience in modular panels
  • Advanced production process – computerized cutting line and lock former
  • Body truck panels are made specifically to customer’s requirements
  • Panel thickness ranges from 50mm to 200mm depending on application
  • Polyurethane insulation
  • Meat-rails, guard-rails, shelving and refrigeration units, other options available to choose from
  • Lower energy consumption, lower fuel consumption of your vehicle, due to light weight insulating materials
  • High quality chromadek material, used as cladding which allows easy cleaning and is very hygienic
  • External finishes are complemented with a unique Dalucon designed aluminum angle and riveted with a multi-lock self-seal rivet.
  • Various options can be supplied & fitted, please consult with our sales team
  • Short manufacturing time

Dalucon offers customized solutions for a variety of applications, including clean rooms, insulated doors, and insulated shelters and containers.

Economical in Short and Long Term:

Advanced materials make the panels lighter and more durable. Overall vehicle-running costs are lowered because of lighter insulated truck bodies compared to standard bodies.

Panel Joining

The panels are joined by means of a tongue and groove system to which a non-hardening polyurethane sika flex sealant (always flexible) is applied for additional strength and resistance to natural elements

High Quality Product:

  • Doors and fittings can withstand commercial and industrial usage
  • External finish in chromadek and aluminum angle for protection of corners and aesthetics
  • Fast turnaround time on the insulated truck bodies

Floor Options

Floors are made from standard sandwiched panels. Floor panels are reinforced with wood beams and plywood. The insulated truck bodies are finished with stainless steel sheeting for optimum strength and hygiene or heavy duty fiberglass.

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    The insulated truck body market in South Africa has been witnessing substantial expansion, propelled by the rising need for effective and dependable cold chain logistics. Based on a 2022 study from Frost & Sullivan, the cold chain logistics industry in South Africa is expected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6% between 2021 and 2026. The key drivers of this expansion include the increasing food and beverage business, the pharmaceutical sector, and the growing significance of preserving temperature-sensitive products.


    Insulated truck bodies are essential for preserving the quality of perishable products during transit. These customised trucks utilise sophisticated insulating materials and refrigeration systems to guarantee that temperature-sensitive commodities are maintained within the necessary temperature ranges. The market for insulated truck bodywork in South Africa is strengthened by the country’s climatic circumstances, which require dependable temperature management to avoid spoiling and guarantee product safety.


    As one of the leading manufacturers in the South African market, Dalucon Refrigeration Products, has seen an uptick in orders for insulated truck bodies. Dalucon’s offerings include bodies with a range of thickness options, from 50mm to 150mm, catering to various temperature requirements. Our trucks are designed to meet international standards, ensuring compliance with global cold chain logistics regulations.


    The South African government’s focus on enhancing infrastructure and logistics capacities provides additional support for the expansion of the insulated truck body market. The National Transport Master Plan (NATMAP) 2050 and similar initiatives strive to improve the effectiveness and dependability of the transportation industry in the country. Consequently, this increases the need for specialised transport solutions such as insulated truck bodywork.


    The insulated truck body market in South Africa is expected to experience sustained expansion. This growth is primarily fuelled by the increasing need for cold chain logistics and bolstered by advancements in insulation technology, as well as government efforts. The demand for effective transportation of perishable commodities is growing, leading to an anticipated expansion of the market for insulated truck bodies. This presents substantial prospects for manufacturers and service providers in the region.


    Why Insulate with Polyurethane?

    Polyurethane insulation is highly recommended for truck bodies because of its adaptability, lightweight yet sturdy composition, and outstanding thermal qualities. Polyurethane decreases heat transfer and maintains stable internal temperatures, which are critical for transporting goods that are sensitive to temperature changes, thanks to its remarkably low thermal conductivity, which is usually approximately 0.022 W/mK. Its structural strength and durability guarantee longevity and reduced operational costs, while its lightweight nature adds to fuel efficiency and greater payload capacity.


    By avoiding water infiltration, polyurethane improves hygiene and prevents contamination. Also, refrigeration units are not overworked due to its energy efficiency, which results in reduced energy consumption and environmental impact.


    The ease of application allows for seamless coverage, eliminating thermal bridges and ensuring consistent performance. Combined with its chemical resistance and ability to be customised in varying thicknesses, polyurethane insulation offers a comprehensive solution for insulating truck bodies, meeting the diverse needs of the transportation industry effectively. 


    The Significance and Advantages of Insulated Truck Bodies

    Insulated truck bodies are essential in the logistics and transportation sector as they are crucial for preserving the quality of temperature-sensitive items. The decision to use insulated truck bodies stems from the need to protect perishable items, such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products, from the adverse effects of external temperature fluctuations during transit.


    Insulated truck bodies are specifically engineered to offer thermal insulation for perishable items that necessitate precise temperature conditions to maintain their freshness and viability. The insulation procedure entails utilising materials with low thermal conductivity to establish a barrier against fluctuations in external temperatures. High-density polyurethane foam and polystyrene are the most often utilised insulation materials. They are placed between layers of metal or fibreglass to create the truck body.


    The primary reasons for insulating truck bodies include:

    Maintaining Product Quality: Many products, especially food and pharmaceuticals, are sensitive to temperature changes. Fluctuations can lead to spoilage, loss of efficacy, and a decrease in product quality. Insulation ensures that these products remain within the required temperature range throughout the journey.


    Regulatory Compliance: Various industries, particularly pharmaceuticals, are subject to stringent regulations regarding the transportation of temperature-sensitive goods. Insulated truck bodies help businesses comply with these regulations, ensuring that products are transported safely and within legal requirements.


    Extending Shelf Life: By maintaining a stable internal temperature, insulated truck bodies help extend the shelf life of perishable goods. This is crucial for retailers and consumers alike, as it reduces waste and ensures that products are delivered in optimal condition.


    Advantages of Insulated Truck Bodies

    Insulated truck bodies offer numerous advantages, making a substantial contribution to the efficiency and dependability of the supply chain.


    Improved Temperature Regulation: Insulated truck bodies offer improved control over temperature, which is crucial for the transportation of items such as dairy products, meats, frozen meals, and vaccinations. This control aids in mitigating temperature-induced deterioration, guaranteeing that products reach their destination in optimal condition.


    Energy Efficiency: Insulated truck bodies reduce the need for active cooling systems to work overtime. The insulation minimises heat transfer, which means refrigeration units can operate more efficiently, leading to lower energy consumption and cost savings on fuel and maintenance.


    Cost Savings: Insulated truck bodies aid in mitigating costs caused by decomposition and contamination by preserving the quality of perishable items. This leads to substantial cost reductions for businesses by decreasing inefficiency and guaranteeing client satisfaction.


    Environmental Advantages: Enhanced energy efficiency results in a reduced carbon footprint. Insulated truck bodies enhance the sustainability of logistics operations by minimising the energy consumption for cooling and reducing the quantity of perishable commodities that are wasted.


    Versatility: Insulated truck bodies can be customised for various applications, accommodating a wide range of temperature requirements. This versatility makes them suitable for transporting different types of goods, from fresh produce to frozen items and temperature-sensitive chemicals.


    Insulated truck bodies are a vital element in the logistics and transportation sector, offering crucial advantages that improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of delivering items that are sensitive to temperature. Insulated truck bodies assist businesses in delivering products in optimal condition, cutting expenses, and promoting sustainability by maintaining stable internal temperatures, minimising energy usage, and assuring compliance with regulations.


    With the increasing demand for dependable and top-notch transportation solutions, the utilisation of insulated truck bodies is expected to become more prevalent, further establishing their significance in contemporary supply chain management.