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Dalucon manufactures a wide range of insulated paneling for the industry. The versatile strength of our freezer and cold room panels can fulfill all insulated needs for the installs of cold and freezer rooms of any size. We use polyurethane injected panels in the following options: Chromadek, Stainless steel or Textradek / Food safe panels, as per client requirements.

Furthermore we specialize in the cladding of warehouses, be it for the purpose of cold or freezer storage, general wall panels, partition, or ceiling panels. Our beautiful “Tuscan” Tile Roofing panel is unique to the Dalucon brand and is available in many different colors, especially Terracotta. Using our all-new interlocking high quality, high strength IBR polyurethane injected paneling, whichever application it may be for, Dalucon has it all.

Dalucon has moved forward in leaps and bounds to achieve some impressive installation results, to mention a few:

Door Information

We have a wide range of extrusions that enable us to separate ourselves from the competition, ensuring the highest quality

  • The doors are of robust construction with the same insulation and cladding as the wall panels
  • All doors have Aluminum extrusion that fits precisely round the doors, with silicone gasket
  • All doors are fitted with internal safety release mechanisms. (Doors can be opened from the inside although locked on the outside)
  • Sliding door systems: Medium duty, Sliding doors from 800 x 2100 up to 2000 x 2100; Heavy duty, Sliding doors from 2000 x 2100 up to 4000 x 4000
  • Swing doors for Cold and Freezer room applications: 800 x 2000 single doors to 1500 x 2100

Optional Extras Available

  • Roof Tile Paneling
  • Underfloor Heating Systems
  • Panel lengths up to 16.5mt long
  • Insulation materials: Polyurethane injection 40dV m3, Polyphen, Rockwool
  • All Panels have tongue and groove joining system
  • Floor insulation with vapour barrier plastic
  • Wide range of aluminium angles and flashings
  • PVC and Aluminium half round coving
  • Roof IBR Roof Paneling
  • Flooring Panel in Polyurethane with reinforcement within the panel
  • Shelving or racking system: galvanized or stainless steel
  • Meat Rail systems
  • Lifting doors
  • Panel thickness from 40 to 200mm
  • Polyurethane high pressure injected panel
  • Refrigeration Requirements

How are Cold and Freezer Rooms Made?

Dalucon specialises in insulated Paneling and the sophisticated design and construction of industrial cold and freezer rooms which are precisely controlled environments that uphold temperature ranges critical for the safekeeping of perishable commodities.

Before we delve into the construction of these rooms, let’s look at the difference between the two:

A freezer room maintains temperatures below -18°C for long-term storage of frozen items, whereas a cold room maintains temperatures between 0°C and 15°C for short-term storage of perishable commodities. Many restaurants and grocery stores include cold rooms, whereas freezer rooms are essential in the food production and distribution processes. Freezer rooms require stronger refrigeration, thicker insulation, and more maintenance to maintain sub-zero temperatures, in contrast to cold rooms that have simpler equipment and less insulation, leading to less maintenance needs. Keeping food fresh and avoiding rotting are two of the most important functions of refrigeration and deep freezing, respectively, and these rooms serve different purposes.

Cold rooms use less energy and require less maintenance than freezer rooms because refrigeration technology keeps temperatures above freezing. Function and cleanliness are maintained through regular maintenance. To maintain consistent performance in sub-zero temperatures, freezer rooms require more powerful refrigeration, which in turn increases energy consumption and maintenance needs.


The first step of construction is choosing high-quality insulation materials. Some examples of these materials are Polyurethane injection (40 dV m3), all of which minimize heat transfer and offer good thermal resistance. Rockwool, and Polystyrene.

A sturdy tongue-and-groove connecting method ensures a strong and airtight seal for the wall and ceiling panels. Depending on your temperature needs, you can choose from freezer room panels with thicknesses between 40 and 200 mm. Crafted from long-lasting materials, the cladding and structure can endure the harsh conditions of cold storage, while the high-pressure injected polyurethane core offers outstanding insulating capabilities.

In order to maintain a dry and stable atmosphere in a freezer room, the flooring system is composed of a vapor barrier plastic layer over a polyurethane sheet with reinforced concrete on top. Or for smaller freezer rooms a Polyurethane insulated reinforced floor panels can be used.

Galvanized or stainless-steel shelving and racking systems can be tailored to fit individual storage demands, and the flooring is built to support them. For added functionality, the design can also incorporate meat rail systems and lifting doors.

Dalucon provides a variety of door solutions to meet varied requirements, which is essential for cold and freezer rooms. The doors are built with the same cladding and insulation as the wall panels, which creates a uniform thermal envelope. Using aluminum extrusions, a sturdy frame is constructed and sealed with a silicone gasket to avoid air leakage. It is possible to open it from the inside using the safety release mechanisms, even if it is locked from the outside.

Both medium-duty and heavy-duty sliding door systems are available to meet the needs of establishments of varying sizes. Cold and freezer room swing doors are also available in sizes 800 x 2000 to 1500 x 2100. All Dalucon door components are high quality imported from Europe.

Dalucon Polyurethan e insulated cold room panels, Special features, such as panel lengths up to 16.5 meters, underfloor heating systems, and roof IBR paneling, are available as options to fulfil the needs of individual projects.

During the design phase, the refrigeration needs are thoroughly examined to guarantee that the freezer and cold storage rooms function optimally. Collaboratively, the flooring systems, door seals, and insulation materials reduce heat transmission and keep temperatures optimal.

Dalucon’s freezer and cold storage rooms are built to last and are perfect for a wide range of storage needs. Even in the harshest conditions, these rooms will perform admirably thanks to their sturdy build, high-quality insulation, and meticulous attention to detail.

Cold and Freezer Room Maintenance

Strict regulations govern the maintenance of cold and freezer units in South Africa. To keep food safe and avoid contamination, regular cleaning is essential. This necessitates the use of approved cleaning products to disinfect all surfaces, equipment, and storage spaces.

Proper temperature management and constant monitoring are essential for maintaining safe and optimal conditions for food preservation. Qualified people should conduct regular inspections to quickly detect and resolve any issues, guaranteeing that equipment functions properly and complies with regulatory standards.

It is critical to adhere to applicable rules and regulations, such as those set out by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) and the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). This includes following procedures for equipment maintenance, maintaining proper cleanliness, and following temperature requirements. It is also crucial to take strong pest control techniques to prevent infestations that could damage food.

In addition to these precautions, educating employees is essential for the proper operation of cold and freezer rooms. In order to effectively reduce risks, employees should be trained on correct handling techniques, sanitary standards, and emergency measures. Operational reliability is enhanced by promptly repairing any failing components and regularly calibrating temperature monitoring equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a cold and freezer room in South Africa cost?

The size, specs, and extra features of a Dalucon cold or freezer room, among other things, would determine its exact cost. To get an accurate quote, contact Dalucon directly.

What are the main differences between cold rooms and freezers?

Low-temperature freezer rooms store frozen goods for lengthy periods, whereas cold rooms store perishable goods for short periods at 0°C to 15°C. Cold rooms are common in restaurants and grocery shops, but freezer rooms are crucial for food processing and transportation. Cold rooms contain simpler equipment and less insulation, so they require less maintenance than freezer rooms, which need stronger refrigeration, thicker insulation, and more maintenance.

What are the standard sizes of cold and freezer rooms?

Cold and Freezer rooms come in a variety of sizes that depend on customer specifications.

However, the standard panel size for cold and freezer rooms includes the following dimensions:

  • 1200 x 2100 mm
  • 2400 mm
  • 2700 mm
  • 3000 mm
  • 3600 mm
  • 4200/4800m’

What type of insulation is best for cold and freezer rooms in South Africa?

We use polyurethane injected cold room panels in the following variations: Chromadek, Stainless steel, Food safe panels, based on the specific needs of our clients.

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